Vol: 68   No: 19

May 15, 2022

Befitting Editorial

In the special issue of Bhavan’s Journal dated February 15, 2022, the article titled ‘Battling the Dreaded Cancer’ by Smt. Sailaja Sankarankutty is an illustrative elaboration of how a courageous woman in her late fifties battled the dreadful disease of cancer successfully, with utmost patience and positivity. It shows the unfailing grit of the lady in such a situation. In this battle, God has been kind to her, no doubt, even though the protracted treatment must have been a drain on the available monetary resources. Hopefully, she will live a long and healthy life.
I read all the other articles in the issue too. All of them are very good and informative. Bhavan’s Journal has been and is famous

for its nationalism. The article ‘University Education in India’ by Sir John Sargent, I feel, is an aberration of this lofty ideal. Sir Sargent says that 80 per cent of Indians or more are illiterate! He apparently supports the dictum of Lord Macaulay that a single shelf of a good European library is worth the entire literature of India and Arabia. It is clear that he has not heard of the Universities of Nalanda and Takshashila. It had taken three months for the library of Nalanda University to be burnt down by invaders. That was of course more than one shelf!
Anyway, please let me heap my praises on the editorial of the issue, which appears immediately after the said article seeped in distasteful negativism. The editorial helped to put things in the right perspective. My heartfelt

Bhavan's Journal May 15, 2022∎ 88

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