Vol: 68   No: 19

May 15, 2022

Who is more useful?

Kamlesh Tripathi

There was once an argument between a snake and bird. The bird said, “I have a high status. I’m more knowledgeable than you because I can fly across to so many places, get to see so many events and therefore I’m much more intelligent, knowledgeable and useful for our planet Earth than you.”
The snake said, “By roaming around aimlessly and peeping into other’s lives, you don’t become intelligent or knowledgeable. Look at me! I’m the most grounded living being on earth. I can even feel the pulse of the tectonic plates that hold planet Earth. I can tell you what is the exact mood of the earth. The kind of

knowledge I have, you don’t.” “No…no you’re just a dormant creature cursed by God. That is why you can’t even walk and have to slither on your ribs,” countered the bird again.
“But you’re not as rough and tough as me. People are scared of me. Haven't you heard of a snake bite? People don’t come near me for this reason. But no one is scared of a bird. People take you very lightly and they even cage you for their own pleasure. Will someone have the guts to cage a snake?” the snake persisted.
To this, the bird said, “They cage birds because we look beautiful and can also chatter in a lovely voice that human beings love to

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