Vol: 68   No: 19

May 15, 2022

Colours of India

Lopa Mukherjee

You fly on the eagle’s back, listening to the rhythmic swish of his wings. Down below you see a mass of white, piercing through the low-lying clouds – the Himalayas. The eagle starts to descend. You spot valleys between the snow-white peaks, like meditating hermits, blue-grey granite rocks cradling the snow in their palms. An ant-line of men watch over the border, bundled up in white camouflage, braving the fierce wind beating down on them. The eagle follows the Siachen Glacier down to the source of the sacred Ganga, and her sister, Yamuna. The Buddhist prayer flags hung on clothes lines, are specks of red, yellow and

blue. You sweep across the grey-black temple of Shiva at Kedarnath. The conifers are showing up from the mountain floor, more grey than green from the powdery snow resting on their needles.
You descend closer to the foothills, green with many deodar trees and their high-altitude cousins. There is activity all around. Grey monkeys are prancing from branch to branch. Grey donkeys laden with human fare are climbing steep paths with hairpin turns. Far off in a remote section of the mountain, you see a family of tigers, striped golden and black, with white gleaming teeth and soft pink noses.

Bhavan's Journal May 15, 2022∎ 56

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