Vol: 68   No: 19

May 15, 2022

Quality of Life

Bhupendra Madhiwalla

There cannot be one definition of quality of life nor an objective measure because it is a subjective feeling. Still, one can make a list of factors and sum it up as the definition of the quality of life. It comprises of diet and hygiene for good physical and mental health; physical activities and sufficient sleep and rest; a good balance between one’s professional life and family life; recreation and leisure; healthy social interactions with one’s family and friends; good education and so on. Another set of factors are overall satisfaction, a minimum level of income and wealth, a healthy environment, basic human rights and justice,

safety and security, creativity and so on. How can anyone measure the extent to which each of these factors is present in one’s life and how is it possible to have all of them at all times? A completely good quality of life is not possible unless one develops a positive understanding of life.
To achieve a high-quality life, two very important characteristics one has to have are physical and mental health, as well as contentment with respect to all aspects of one’s life without having any expectations. One can wish and hope but cannot expect a particular outcome. One cannot deny that one needs a minimum level of income and if that is not

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