Vol: 68   No: 19

May 15, 2022

A Unique Indian Saint

Dr. V. Nithyanantha Bhat*

“Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is the epitome of the whole. His was the great super-conscious life which alone can be witness to the infinitude of the current that bears us all oceanwards. He is the proof of the Power behind us, and the future before us.”

—Sri Aurobindo

Sri Ramakrishna is a unique Indian saint who is revered by millions of people throughout the world. For some he is a Saint, for some he is a Great Teacher and for some he is a Divine Incarnation. Mahatma Gandhi observed that “ in this age of skepticism, Ramakrishna presents an example of a bright and living faith which gives solace to thousands of men and women


The author is Hon. Director, Sukrtindra Oriental Research Institute, Kochi.

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